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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Almost An Epiphany -- The Riots And Violence Are Still To Come -- Do Not Get Complacent At This Time

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I committed to installing another video security system.   I wanted to do it prior to the "(s)election" but was overcome by events.

Like the false narrative of "the Watermarks will save everything", trying to initiate both apathy and a feeling that the "problem" is solved....getting complacent at this time is a huge mistake.

When the fake "win" to Biden is taken back, "they" know that prison is coming for many.   They already had everything and "nothing to lose".

Even more useless idiots will take to your streets, than did for the fake and funded BLM protests.

This is not the time to go lounge on the beach.

This is the time to fight the tyrants that be....or to craft your plan to get the hell out of dodge.    But if the USA falls, the whole world falls.

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  1. One might argue forcibly with much evidence -- call it a polar position in a dialectical debate, only two sides to the question -- that should the US, Inc. (or USA, Inc., whichever) fail and go down, The Power$ That Be (TP$TB) would much more simply and smoothly proceed to the next stage of the New World Order, most likely a forward-to-the-past regression to feudal times we left behind a few centuries ago -- we thought! -- with TP$TB equipped with 21st Century technology.

    Sometimes it pays to lie, then wait!

    Among those with contrarian views, Miles Mathis would assert, I think, we have never been free of the rule of the Phoenician Navy and its proliferated, inter-married off-spring. We may have thought we got free in America, BUT -- as Anna Von Reitz has documented and discussed, the Treaties that ended the Revolutionary War put the foxes in the hen house, thanks to such as Benjamin Franklin, British "spook" per Miles Mathis (must be read to understand, thus come to accept).

    Two steps forward, several in reverse, it would seem. In any event, the puppet (s)elected for POTUS 2020 won't make a hill's worth of beans difference, one way or other. Prepared accordingly, as stock suggested.


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