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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Are The Voting Ballots Watermarked, Or Is This a Left Generated Fake Story to Prevent Appropriate Action, False Faith In "Trust The Watermark"

 The above letter from CISA talks about watermarking, but that is it.   Talk, not a requirement.   

Also the States print the ballots.    They can put fake names and ballot harvesting on ballots, and those ballots can be correct watermarked ballots. 

This is a canard.   A fake story. 

Investment Watch blog is a total tool of the Cabal.

Since they are pushing this story, that should tell you all you have to know. 


This goes with the false narrative of "We need to re-count the votes" when the root of the problem is that at least hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions of fake votes were created and entered into the system. 



And this weird YouTube video with 230,000 hits, attempting to show "watermark" comprised of little dots, while ignoring the elephant in the room, the words.


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