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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Declaration of War: The Ballot Cheating Was So Obvious, It Is Simply a Declaration of War "We Think We Can Beat You", Or At Least "We Have No Choice, Our Back Is Against the Wall"

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If the White house has clear evidence of massive voting fraud in multiple states, then we are in the midst of a Coup d'etat. 

Trump needs to take action immediately:

  1. Declare martial law
  2. Open the emergency broadcast system, with a very carefully crafted factual speech, lay out to the American people what has happened, and that it is stopped now and that he is not declaring a dictatorship - he is only declaring the election invalid - show them the facts of significant malfeasance. 
  3. Send the military to take over: all of the media networks; the associated press; the major newspapers, Twitter, Facebook and Google.  In the name of supporting a Coup - the ownership is liquidated. 
  4. Take over the CDC and the Covid "case" count and put this Plandemic to bed. 
  5. Set a date for a new - fair and freely contested national election - for President, Congress and the Senate.  Allow states to decide the fate of local elections.   Put all non-critical activity of Congress and the President on-hold until the new election is completed and new electees are inducted.  Do not take advantage of the situation. 
  6. Eliminate the CIA, FBI and NSA - fire all employees and put a process in place to rebuild the intelligence community from the ground up.
  7. Put the military on high alert to defend against any foreign action. 
  8. Be surgical, ruthless, and completely fair in the process and he will be remembered in history as the savior of our democracy...

The President is sworn to defend this country from "All enemies foreign and domestic".    If he has evidence that he has fairly won the election and that significant (I'm not talking about a vote here or there - I'm talking about hundreds of thousands of votes), then these are domestic enemies of our country that have perpetrated this voting fraud.  If so, he is the rightful president.  His supporters will not have a problem with him taking fair and balanced action.   If we have a fair election and he loses, then he loses.  If we do not have a fair election, then he must act immediately


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