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Monday, November 9, 2020

Fake Narrative About "Watermarked Ballots" Is, Well, Fake. Created By The Cabal To Make American's Think There Is Proof Of Voting Integrity And Falsely Think Later Research Can Uncover Bad Votes

I posted about how there was a fake story generated, to lull patriots into complacency, to think that the Trump administration had clear proof and traceability on every ballot.  

My original story was HERE

A troll responded with some "research".

------------------------------------------------------------------ TROLL REMARKS

DHS and CISA oversee election security. Watermarks are only part of that:

All kinds of tech exists. Read this company's website and pay attention to ballot scanner tech:

Not sure where you get the idea that states print all the ballots. DHS has vendors that do most of this:




1) LOL, over the target, trolls paying close attention and lying.....your cite is exactly my cite, and they do not require States or their printing companies to use watermarks.

2) Cool neato, only you neglect to identify whether any states were using the GR in their ballots, but even so, if they are filling out fake or harvested information onto "real ballots" then any assertion that the technology is preventing fraud goes out the window.

3) Citing NPR is most telling.  DHS does not tell the states who to contract with to produce ballots and mailing envelopes, so your allegation on this is false.    Can you spot the lies contained in this NPR drivel, also noted, talking about one Vendor in of all places, bad acting Phoenix Arizona.

Ellington explained that getting ballots to the right voters is a complicated, multi-step process. States need to decide what their ballots will look like and to get approval from the U.S. Postal Service for the design of the envelopes. After those envelopes are secured, companies like Runbeck step in. 


Some say that Trump and his campaign team were in a SCIF on election night, and they were monitoring the states that were using CIA developed software used to manipulate elections....and they knew which states were using it.    I call bullshit....if this was known prior, why was it allowed to continue?

Another troll had this to say......

Looking at the major increases in security of American cash currency, to think the ballots are not individually identifiable is CRAZY.

CISA knows security, DHS implemented, NSA recorded, SCIF real time watching Hammer/ScoreCard:

And a real person had this to say.   I agree.  If they had real security they would have published it to prevent or mitigate the cheating by average people in the ranks that would be concerned about spending a few years in jail.

First of all, secret voting would be impossible with blockchain voting. It would tie every vote directly back to the voter. Second, every county that uses paper ballots prints its own and many states use electronic ballots. Third, if they had any security method they would have publicized it so election workers (who enable most vote fraud) don't even try to cheat. Fourth, politicians aren't smart enough to manage this and President Trump doesn't control the law enforcement that would be needed to make this happen. The FBI is still targeting white supremacist terrorists (who don't exist) over antifa (who are burning down buildings and murdering people)!


  1. one proponent of all this is
    Steve Pieczenik
    and right there red flags should go up.

    1. used to have much respect for Health Ranger Mike Adams, but he has sunk to whatever it takes for self promotion.

      His mojo is gone.

  2. "First of all, secret voting would be impossible with blockchain voting."

    That is totally false. Your receipt could have a unique serial number that when combined with your vote/name/address is then posted to any number of public blockchain ledgers. The blockchain part of this would be to verifibly show the time and temper-proofing of an individual's vote. It is possible to have any level or type of verification or "tying back to the voter" that the voter wishes to have for their benefit. You can set up cryptographic verification/signatures however you want. Nothing is impossible, regarding mathematics. If it is math, it is possible.

    Just claiming "blockchain is impossible" is either ignorance or intentional misinformation.


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