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Friday, November 20, 2020

I need Fauci to explain to me how I, an unvaccinated person, am a danger to a vaccinated person?

 is the vaccine going to be a tool of the Eugenicists?

I used to think that when the end game hit and total collapse was imminent, rather than have 8 billion people engage in an orgy of extreme violence and cannibalism, the people in charge would give us all a way out e.g. distribute Fentanyl in large doses to everyone and when they realized there was no way out of the mess, they’d just drop a few pills and fade to black.

Given that there is no need for a vaccine (it’s a ‘bad flu’) and that we have never been able to develop a vaccine for a coronavirus --- yet the vaccine message is being crammed down our throats constantly --- I have a sneaking suspicion that the vaccine is going to be something that puts us down en masse.

Impossible to say what this vaccine might do – when vaccines go wrong they can make people sicker than the targeted disease --- so perhaps this will be something engineered to kick in a couple of weeks after the injection (so that huge numbers can get the shot before the alarm is raised) that causes an extreme and deadly response (e.g. severe pneumonia) that is contagious --- so the people who refuse to take the shot get the illness anyway.

We keep seeing stories about government spending billions ‘to secure the vaccine’…. What vaccine is that? Well could it be that the end game vaccine is already being held in massive stockpiles around the world so when the time comes we will be told our country has been stockpiling the vaccine in advance and now we have enough for everyone….

And the happy sheeple congratulate their governments for keeping them safe and queue up for their shots like lemmings with their masks on and standing 6 feet apart 😊

It would all make sense if one accepts that our civilization is approaching the end of the road because the key resource that powers everything…has peaked Check out the asteroid analogy on that thread… there is no way in hell we would ever be told that we had passed peak oil.

We are too stupid to recognize it was coming when we started to steam oil out of sand, drill miles beneath the ocean --- and smash up shale rocks to suck out the dregs. Hahaha. Humans really no smarter than yeast cells in cup of sugar… they cannot realize that the sugar is almost gone even though it’s staring them in the face.

But then again, they have been told that solar panels and EV’s are going to save the day so even if they could see the sugar was almost gone they’d grasp at that grand delusion.

Alas, we are a vile species that tortures for pleasure… enslaves each other… pens animals in horrifying conditions… pillages and destroys the planet.. wipes out other species …basically we are a genetic **** up… a cancer on the earth….and ironically our ‘intelligence’ (which we celebrate) is about to put an end to us.

I was listening to a very interesting book a couple of months ago – can’t recall the title --- but the author was discussing intelligence and mentioned something about we think a dog is not intelligent because it can’t drive a car --- and he said maybe the dog thinks why in the **** would I want to do that hahaha…

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  1. Stock, is it fair to assert that you put no "stock" into the theory of "abiotic oil", a thesis with supporting evidence with a Russian imprimatur? I CONfess I have not researched the topic deeply, nor do I have the scientific background to do so knowledgeably. Nonetheless, I wouldn't assume "peak oil" on other grounds as well. The Power$ That Be do not tell the Truth ever, much less about "oil reserves" and alternatives.


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