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Friday, November 27, 2020

I Told You I Was a Snake, So It Is Your Fault That I Later Bit You

stock here: I said this in explanation to a Thanksgiving post dinner conversation regarding "why do they signal their intent? Why do they expose their own Illuminati and Satanic symbolism?"

It's called warning the victim.

If a female tells you that she has been abused in the past, you had better believe it and be fully fore-warned at least, if not run for the hills immediately.

So why are the Globalists now so open about their plans and objectives?

I believe they are the Snake, and they are warning us that they are a Snake.   And if you don't strongly object, if you don't immediately try to eradicate the Snake, then you "get what you deserve".

There is also the aspect of "Predictive Programming" which we "conspiracists" are also part of the problem there, as we get the narrative into the news, even while showing it's true intent, it still participates in the Predictive Programming

Also, expect any "assets", aka MKUltra damaged types, controlled by intelligence, to be mobilized all over the place, doing unusual things, especially in places that would normally seem safe.

Like this random shooting in Las Vegas, TODAY


More on this line of thought at the Irish Savant


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