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Friday, November 20, 2020

In the USA We Hit Peak Life. Now Will Peak Oil Accelerate That Process? Using Gate's Vaccine?


Oil peaked 2005. 8 billion people have lost the basis of their existence. How to deal with the collapse? Allow hunger wars? Total chaos? Complete anarchy? Uncontrollable destruction of everything?

Or is there a fiendish way to kill 7.5 billion people without them burning down everything? The answer is: Yes.

As usual using the Hegelian method, the cabal chose to weaponize technology to be able to introduce a designer virus to the world, creating the problem. The solution is the vaccine. The plan must be enforced, under strict pain to administer it to everybody. Dissenters are to be eliminated and are absolutely not allowed. A technocratic prison was built to be able to pull all this.

The cabal's idea is this: Offer the people to take the path of a gracious death. People will seek the vaccine to save their lives and blame the non-vaxxers for their ever eroding freedoms and health. The mRNA vaccine however modifies the DNA and causes the body cells non-stop to create the virus marker so that the white cells are always in fight with them. The body falls weak. AIDS and death is the outcome.

Watch the movie Collapse (2009) - Michael Ruppert was spot on, but didn't live to see his prediction truly coming true.

Billions of people were added since the industrial revolution since 1700's and a parabolic increase since the advent of oil by 1900. There were 6.5 billion humans in 2006; now we're almost 8! All because of oil. Humanity, just like it's soaring financial debt, stock and crypto valuations, is in a bubble that is about to pop.

The cabal knows there is no oil to sustain the 8 billion. They need to cull us to prevent their own destruction. They want to sustain their god-like high living standard and remove us the useless eaters. They planned to use technology to create a barrier that will keep their preference of 500 million cattle slaves in check. A brutal North Korea style human suffering is ahead.

Is there no way? Is there no solution? We get it, that there is no oil to support the growth and consumption and that the cabal has initiated and is executing the culling process. What can we do?


Go back to natural cycle.

2- MOVE OUT OF CITIES. FARM.  Use sheep, cows that eat the grass, grow your own food. Use solar for heating, cooking, hot water (no battery, inverter etc needed).

Not everybody can or will do that. Perhaps half the world population will readily take the vaccine and they will die.

If we can survive sustaining us, in great numbers, then we have a chance to overcome the horror ahead of us. We must spread the truth. We must wake up as many people. We must not accept their offer to kill ourselves. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE. They must taste their own medicine. Do unto others what you'd others do unto you.

Whether you like it or not, whether you are an atheist or of whatever religion, this is satan, the Luciferians building their Tower of Babel. And they hate you and want you dead, because you were created in the image of God, who is Jesus. Transhumanism is technology mixing with mankind, just like angels took wives and created the giants before the flood.

To Rothschild's, Rockefeller's and the other members of the cabal:

Repent. Sell everything you have and give to the poor and come, follow Jesus.

To all fellow man/woman:

You know what to do. Love one another. Ask God to stop this destruction that is upon us. Maybe there are 5 worthy to spare Sodom.

Live by the 10 commandments that is on 2 tablets. Everybody will be judged by it.


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