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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Marxist Maui Madness: Officials Direct Police For Mass Survelliance of Nude Beach, Brow Beat Public For Not Wearing Masks, Give Tickets

 stock here: This just happened, Sunday before Thanksgiving

Yes, they are targeting independent thinking people, they are targeting independent businesses.    They want group think, and they want people snitching on their neighbors, even their own family.   

This is part of an overall plan to "make it all suck", as confirmed by a Gallup poll indicating present days show the highest levels of life dissatisfaction since polling began. 

Female in Bikini Spins Fire Pro at Little Beach -- really fun stuff.

Do I have to point out the insanity of this quotation, not from the police, but from the Parks Director.....

State Parks Assistant Administrator Alan Carpenter said, “I was very taken aback that a nurse who arrived a week ago spent her first weekend on Maui at a potential super spreader event. She presumably will be heading into a hospital soon. These are the kinds of actions that are insensitive and inappropriate anywhere, not the least of which at a crowded beach party.” 

Why the hell would a healthy person, presumably with a negative COVID test (since there is a 14 day quarantine if arriving to Hawaii without a negative COVID test, and she arrived 7 days ago)......go to a hospital to mix with sick people?

The department reports that many of the beach goers were not physically distancing or wear masks when close to others.

Officials say last night’s operation is part of a continued push to stop law breaking at the location.

From 2012 Another one from "Red" small amount of nudity, be forewarned. ------------------------  


And Idiots in Kauai, government idiots, deny all tourists, even if they are COVID negative, they would have to quarantine for 14 days.   So the tourist industry is decimated, right when they reinvested in starting their businesses again.

There was 1 "case" reported on Kauai.    They are also keeping track of "residents who are out of state" who test positive......

Of the 76 new cases, 48 are on Oahu, 17 are on the Big Island, nine are on Maui, and one is on Kauai. There was also one resident diagnosed out-of-state.

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