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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

New York, There Was No Pandemic, Just a Murder of Senior Citizens In Nursing Homes, By Decree of Governor Cuomo -- Here Is The Proof, Charted

 stock here, Cuomo Issued his decree "Must receive COVID patients and cannot test" on March 25th 2020.

Dozens of New York nursing homes didn’t see their first COVID-19 case until sick patients were sent there, many under Andrew Cuomo’s state policy. To date, 6% of the state’s nursing home population, or roughly 6,500 residents, have died.

The Cuomo Administration Hasn’t Said Which Nursing Homes Were Infected With COVID-19 After Its Order Sent Positive Patients Into Them (

Click for a zoomable view

On May 25th we wrote about Nursing Gate

Nuke Pro: Nursing Home Gate -- Interview With NY Nurse --- And More -- 10 Governors KIll Off the Frail, no Family

And on July 18th we gathered the letters from the Dem Governors that caused over 60,000 deaths.

Nuke Pro: The Letters From The Governors That Murdered 60,000 Nursing Home Patients

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