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Monday, November 2, 2020

Numerology of 3-11 is Evil, Think Fukushima, Think Start of COVID Narrative in USA. Is 11-3 Then Rightfully Righteous and Good? Let Us Pray.

stock here, mask free is happy!

Super Busy.    Effectively moved back into my home in Hawaii and furnishing it, as well as kicking off sales for year end solar, cleaning up some messes from prior. 

I have been travelling around quite a bit, and will have some interesting reports on "Marxist Paradise" Hawaii.    It is more horrific than you think.   The poor sheeple cannot win against the relentless Propaganda.    Also people are naturally leaning to the "nice side" in Hawaii, so they are less likely to question and more likely to "go along to get along".    

That is not always a good trait when great evil is wearing you down, accepting more and more restrictions on your liberty.   I have been "Karen Shamed" several times, but it goes far beyond that.


  1. Good to have words from you, flying into potentially volcanic fire from the relative coolness of a states-side pan -- there they boil frogs, doncha know? Feels like it's getting warmer, I can tell you that from Kali's Fornication.

    1. Pretty hard getting used to the brutal strength of the sun on the rooftop, after being in freezing temps in Wisconsin.

  2. Soon we shall cross the election Rubicon....


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