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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Regimin of Vitamins To Stay Strong Against COVID/Flu And AS Treatment If You Have Symptoms

 stock here: If you have symptoms, do not ignore them, and tell others.

Some friends in Hawaii had their 47 year old brother complain of not feeling good at 8PM yesterday, and when checked at 10PM he was dead.   No morbidities except minor diabetes.

We are at a modern day Galactic Cosmic Ray Maximum. (GCRs)

This affects

Cardiac Health

Mental Health, and spin off effects on physical health

and feed to Confusion and Effective Cognitive Decline.

And I have never seen the Earth's Magnetic Shield at ZERO for this long period over 2 days.....That let's even more GCR's down to ground level, and our bodies are pelted with GCRs and their spin off products, creating free radicals in our bodies....which the anti-oxidants can mitigate.

Combined with the intentional stressors being created by the Cabal / Media is a recipe for disaster.

Throw in many weakened immune systems as a product of reduced social interaction and having our immune systems be strengthened by being "exercised", and it's even worse. 


So eat a pro-biotic diet.   I have covered that dozens of times in these pages.

And take these supplements now, to stave off Flu/COVID


  1. zinc is really helpful and avocados have lots of it. If you don't have funds for vitamin shopping just look up what foods to buy.

    1. Yep, I see supply chain disruptions now on daily basis, stock up on things important


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