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Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Daily Narrative: Forbes (Key Mouthpiece of the Cabal) Promoting Bill Gates As An "Expert"

 stock here:

Their little quest for the "vaccine", and for not letting things get back to "the new normal" took kind of a b-slapping as we all exposed the plot early.

Bill Gates, rightfully so, was shown in his true light: A narrsistic, evil, pychopathic Eugenicist.

And now Forbes is trying to put Gates into a better light.    Bill Gates quit Microsoft on 3-13, a very evil number, and a cousin to 3-11.     Gates needed to focus on "other important matters", like pushing his vaccines and NWO Eugenicism (depopulation).

Note that on 3-11 (Fukushima day also) is when the powers that be broke all hell loose on the COVID narrative. 


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