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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

This Is More Than Election Fraud, It Can Only Be Seen As A Declaration of War Against the USA

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This Is More Than Election Fraud, It Can Only Be Seen As A Declaration of War Against the USA


The title says it all.    Act Accordingly.   This is not a time to be complacent. 

We shall have to invalidate the bogus data.    To pacify the normies, we shall have to run another election with sensical and trackable voting rules, including paper ballots kept for 10 years and each ballot being back-trackable back to a verifiable US Citizen.

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Good morning!

So many thoughts I will be posting all day long....I literally can't stop laughing at this shit-show!

The short and skinny is that Trump won the vote, but this is a blatant coup attempt by the dems/FOX news/and the deep state.   Trump was re-elected last night.

Trump is taking it to the Supreme Court as he did months ago about the states in play here changing the elections rules about when votes are due, and which ones count.  Roberts on the Court said he didn't want to get involved and to let it play out.  Now he has to get involved. 

The minute these 5 states stopped the counts with Trump winning in all of them meant that the dems didn't have enough votes.  Kamala Harris said they are going to count all of the votes.  Nope, we are not going to do that.  We are going to count the real votes, not ballots. This is what is going to undo them.

The Arizona vote was called way too early, and that will change too once they get into it. Now it looks like Trump won that state by about 30,000 votes according to Rush.

The dems will try A  N  Y  T  H  I  N  G!  Trump and the Patriots saw it all ahead of time. Republicans play by the rules, the democrats do just the opposite!

Q said for over a year..."Enjoy the Show!"  You are watching the fake show right now.

The polls were all wrong...strikingly wrong...the MSM/pundits were all wrong.  This was done to keep Trump from getting donations for months.

This is maddening for all of us.  But have faith, the legal side is all for Trump.  The head of the Pennsylvania elections said that "when we start the re-counting Trump will lose."  Think  about that statement.  That says it all!

Failing all of this, which I don't believe will happen, Trump can and should bring in the Military and declare Martial Law, and enact the insurrection act to allow this to happen.  If we are going to become a third-world banana republic I would rather have Trump as my dictator than Biden, Hillery, AOC, Bernie, Warren, Pelosi as my dictators.

The country is now in an obvious coup attempt.  The election bosses being interviewed on TV this morning are nervous as hell.  They have probably been threatened with their lives as well as their families at this point.

Enjoy the show folks!  You are watching history in the making.  I believe Trump will win the election outright, or the SCOTUS will rule on the entire thing as per law.  Thank God we have ACB tonight.  The dems, by the way, are saying she shouldn't be allowed to rule on this election because she just got in.

The dems are so obvious in their attempted coup it is comical.

I was upset last night watching FOX as they were so obviously part of this attempt coup.  They just unzipped their fly for the entire world to see how they are. And now many on TV are starting to realize this.

Remember this:  Trump always wins when it looks like he can't possibly prevail.  I trust Trump over any poll, any FOX broadcast or talking head.  So I will enjoy the show like never before!!






  1. Replies
    1. Yep thats a good one, will add it somewhere.

  2. Stock posted and then deleted that he was mailed 2 voters ballots in the mail from Hawaii, that was posted under "Numerology of 3-11 is Evil". Just went missing. But I captured it and if you would like I can post it for you?

    He railed that this was the kind of voter fraud that shows the corruption of mail in voting and then deleted his own post because it would expose him as a liar and a fraud, which he is.

    How could you even get a ballot, let alone 2, from Hawaii when you have not been a resident of Hawaii for over a year? Or are you gaming the system and voting in two states? That's voter fraud my friend and a felony.

    Biden will win and maybe you, Trump and Rush L. will move to Russia and sharpen your skills at being a really good and effective troll and try to divide and destroy America.

    1. LOL my very own troll, how special. Hey troll, you had the wrong article, comment is still there

      Shall it be a re-vote but with standardized procedures, and full assurance of audiability, and no fake voter roles?
      I have not lived in Hawaii since 2012, I did not request ballots, but had 2 useable ballots mailed to me. There is no requirement for a witness, and you "self certify" and then the envelope is separated from the ballot and becomes a "vote" with no back traceability as to where that vote came from. So I could have voted twice in Hawaii, although it would be a felony so I didn't.

      See if you can find it trollie


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