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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Trump Election Remarks -- Body Language Interpretation

 stock here:

Fitting that in the aftermath of the Election Fraud that discussion boards like QRV Voat are completely dead.

Clearly what happened is that the Cabal had a well planned effort of hundreds of thousands, millions of "votes" stored up and ready for deployment, so they could cheat "just enough" to swing key states. 

I spent most the year in Wisconsin.   I have seen 1 Biden sign, and hundreds of Trump signs.   No way Biden took Wisconsin.

So the Cabal, in coordinated effort with it's propaganda arm, called American TV aka MSM, released early results showing Trump with a massive margin over Biden, thinking this may dissuade from Trump voters from even going to the polls.   Maybe it worked too.   It was like 54% to 46% spread.

We shall see how this plays out.    This coordinated plan was certainly disseminated through some communications means.   Is it the final straw to pull out the intelligence and expose the depths of the Cabal?

BTW Biden yesterday introduced his grand-daughter as Beau (his dead son).




Looks like D's threw in the towel on Pennsylvania, and shifted to the fallbacks in Wisconsin and Michigan... both of which Trump also won / is winning handily... but where, suddenly, "votes" appear out of thin air that exceed rational limits in probability... ?

Calling an "end" to counting... and suddenly, on the resumption the next day... things move in a different direction ?  Bullshit.

Obvious fraud... the fraud being EXPECTED, though... so the key word is OBVIOUS...

Way too much defeatism here, today, though... given it was obvious this was coming.

Lots of people... appear to be expecting the fraud to succeed... assuming there's not been adequate preparation to counter it ?

But, in order to succeed, the D's brand of fraud requires a cooperative opponent... which they do NOT have in this instance.

The assumption... that Republicans will surrender rather than work to counter, prove and expose the fraud... ?

I'd not bet on that...

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