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Saturday, December 19, 2020

33 Great Reasons To Say No To The Vaccine

stock here: As expected, there are more and more problems and Negative Health Events being reported for the untested experimental vaccine.     

This goes against a founding principle of the medical profession "First, do no harm".  

In Australia they are pretending that they are cancelling a $750M program of vaccinations because "it causes false positives" which to any thinking, should immediately see that as a bullshit excuse, a cover up.    The PCR test, which is the only test being used to identify "COVID Cases" generates 90% false positives


For those who tend to obey authority without question (few in Alaska, I wager), it’s likely you've not
looked closely at what’s going down. The so-called vaccine (actually it’s a ‘therapeutic’) includes a chip that can be read at a distance. 

Since it was approved under emergency status, the experiment requires tracking each subject throughout its lifespan. BTW, the word “experiment" implies “unproven’. The animal testing phase of safety permitting was skipped in order to narrow the timeline of normal development. 

What usually takes a decade was reduced to less than a year. We were told urgency was necessary as Covid has a recovery rate of over 95 percent and seems to kill only people with multiple co-morbitities and/or the aged. 

The Covid vaccine is different than a traditional vaccine as it contains a lab-made sequence of genetic MRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) material. It is designed to invade the body’s cells and set up shop in its DNA, where according to the experiment’s authors, it makes copies of the Covid virus in order to give the body a head-start learning to cope with it. 

A renown German physician and scientist, Wolfgang Wodarg, calls it genetic manipulation and suggests most people should reject it. Additional cautionary reports follow.

 Learn about Messenger RNA:




America’s Frontline Doctors, Simone Gold


Whitney Webb reports:

"...Given that the Covid-19 vaccine [is now being injected into Alaskans] it appears that the US national-security state, which is essentially running Operation Warp Speed, along with “trusted messengers” in mass media, is preparing to enter the second phase of its communications strategy, one in which news organizations and journalists who raise legitimate concerns about Warp Speed will be de-platformed to make way for the “required” saturation of pro-vaccine messaging across the English-speaking media landscape."


“...Aside from the troubling aspects of the COVID-19 vaccination strategy as outlined above, there is the separate issue of the way in which these “populations of focus” will be chosen and identified. Palantir, the big data firm with deep and persisting ties to the CIA, has created a new software tool expressly for Warp Speed called Tiberius. Not only will Tiberius use Palantir’s Gotham software and its artificial intelligence components to “help identify high-priority populations,” it will produce delivery timetables and map out the locations for vaccine distribution based on the masses of data it has collected through various contracts with HHS and data-sharing alliances with In-Q-Tel, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, among others."


Dr. Francis Boyle, global bio-weapons expert, discusses the Covid scare and purported treatment (30:00)


  1. It was 1952 and polio was ravaging the country, I remember it and parents feared, as did mine that their children would be crippled. There was a natural fear by all of taking a any shot. Getting a shot was thought to be the work of the devil because there was little trust of the medical world and implanting something by a needle was horrific and not natural.

    Living on an indian reservation at that time was especially hard. Sanitation as we know it was an outhouse, no indoor plumbing. This was devastating to the tribal young. Bathing was infrequent and a watering trough was a bath tub. It was trying times after the great war and the first nation people were trying to hang on to their old ways.

    My best native friend came down with polio, as did his brother and sisters. All lived but after a year he had muscle problems.

    MY mom wouldn't let us go to the swimming hole for several years because those indian children who used it were dirty and carried the disease. After several years passed the Salk vaccine came out and I remember leaving class to wait outside the school and one by one we went to get a shot, then weeks later another shot. But all indians on the res. were given the vaccine, young and old.

    In the end the disease was snuffed out but not gone. It was a leap of faith and dire circumstances that predicated all to get shots. Was it the right thing too do? I'll let history judge that.

    Taking any drug or vaccine is a personal choice. It's a game of odds. Under lying and preexisting conditions come into the odds. I got TB on the res. as did others and was left with scarring in my lungs, that even time could not erase or nor would I grow out of.

    I didn't believe in getting a flue shot or any shot for that fact for 40 years but then you get old and things change. Your right to not get the shot is up to you and no one else, choose wisely.

    1. Thanks for chiming in with a real slice of life.

      Some would think me an Anti-Vaxxer without knowing me. I got the shingles vaccine, and then the booster....after the booster I was completely useless the next day, worse than a horrible hangover. I thought that might be the last vaccine I take.

      The last time, and only time, I got the flu vaccine....I got the flu, and I rarely get the flu, and never if not on an airplane.

      Yep.....choose wisely


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