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Monday, December 21, 2020

5 Ways Biden and Harris Reveal They KNOW They Lost The Election


5 Ways Biden and Harris Reveal They KNOW They Lost The Election

12/20/20201 Comment


Y'know, for people who are supposedly so confident in their Big Win on Election Night, Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris sure aren't acting like people destined for an Inauguration Ceremony!

They should be rushed off their feet preparing guest lists, meeting with the Inauguration Committee, having fittings for their outfits, etc. etc. Instead they're behaving like Willy Wonka's famous spoonerism: "So much time and so little to do!"

1. Harris Fails to Resign from Senate

No hurry, Kamala. Heavy sigh. We'll wait. I'll merely mention that effective November 16th, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama had lickety-split resigned his Senate seat, a mere twelve days after Election Day.

We're now 45 days post-election, and one week post-Electoral College vote, and Kamala "The Kondescending" Kommie has yet to resign her Senate seat. Money talks, bull$hit walks. She's determined to have a paycheck, even if it means revealing she knows they lost. Wow!

Do you hear that? It's the sound of a glass ceiling not shattering. Not that woman. Not ever. Kamala herself has revealed that she knows it.


2: Haute Couture...NOT!

By December 7th, 2016, we already knew exactly which fashion designers were refusing the great honor of designing Melania Trump's clothes for the Inauguration Ceremony and Inaugural Ball. Famous, hoity-toity designers like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs who, apparently, did not want their creations living forever at the Smithsonian.

Conspicuous by their absence this year are the names of any designers selected to design the Inaugural outfit and ballgown for our supposed next First Lady, "Doctor" Jill Biden. Oh yeah, and Kamala too.

Vogue made a half-hearted attempt at drumming up enthusiasm on Nov 11th when Brooke Bobb wrote, "While the inaugural gowns of first ladies go down in history—we’re sure designers across the U.S. are lining up for the chance to dress Biden."

Yep, still waiting on that queue. Haven't heard a word.


3: Listen to the Sound of Silence

Theoretically, the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies should be the one committee where politics can be set aside and we can all just enjoy being Americans who love their country.

Not this year! In fact, they're stalemated. They tried to vote in the House to get the ball rolling but the Republicans shot 'em down. Publicly, not much is happening planning-wise.

Let's compare that to 2016, shall we?

By Nov. 16th, 2016, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt was already offering tickets to the Inauguration on his website. By Dec 16th, Politico was telling you how, when and where to watch the livestream and announcing the parade line-up.


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This year? "Listen to the sound of silence."

Of course, the glaring vacuum of information is being blamed guessed it: covid-covid-covid.

If anyone actually believed Biden had won, we'd be hearing everything from which musicians would perform to who would be giving the prayers and benediction. Instead, there's zilch, zip, nada, nothing.


4: Cabinet Appointees NOT Quitting Their Day Jobs

So far, we've heard a lot about which pathetic life forms Joe Biden has selected to fill his Cabinet but we haven't heard anything about them actually behaving like those appointments are for real.

If I knew I'd be moving to Washington D. C. in January, I'd be taking positive steps now. Maybe put my house on the market or up for rent. Check out new schools for the children. Put furniture in storage. Has anyone heard of any appointees acting like they were going anywhere!?!

Bit of advice: Take a lead from Kamala's book and don't quit your day job.

Oh wait. You haven't. Mm-hmm. Good call. Also...


5: Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change

For you, I broke my resolve to not look at Joe Biden's tweets. To follow his tweets is to lose IQ points.

I only made it back to December 12th when I realized something weird: This guy is not tweeting like the next President. He's playing it safe, mostly tweeting about climate change, climate change, climate change.

So I toddled over to Kamala's twitter. Twenty-three seconds ago she tweeted, "The climate crisis is not a partisan issue." Same thing: climate change, climate change, climate change.

They're not acting nor tweeting nor talking like winners nor the next leaders of the Free World. They're playing it safe. Not making waves. Not building treason on top of treason.



The great thing to remember about liars and cheaters like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is that they, more than anyone else, know that they're lying. Usually, liars over-act to convince themselves of their lie. In this case, possible because they committed treason, Biden and Harris are under-acting.

They're not even trying to behave like the lie is reality. They're doing a spectacularly bad job of acting like winners at all. It's a gift. A gift to the MAGA crowd.

Trump Won! Biden/Harris lost...and they know it!


  1. Same bleating here. And they hate Trump too.

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