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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Anna von Reitz: The UK or British, Not Chinese, Are Head of the Snake

 yep, they and the 5 eyes club.


A Quick Comment – It’s Not Really China

Many of you have received news stories, claiming— correctly— that Chinese Government Operatives have infiltrated nearly everything in sight and are actively engaged in trying to conquer this country by any means fair or foul, and also clearly stating that many “American” politicians have been bought off and are engaged in acts of treason.

All of that is true and apparent and has been for years.

What isn’t being said is just as important.

The Chinese are doing this because they were hired to do it and promised big rewards if they did. Hear that? They have been paid off and instructed and assisted to do all this.

By whom? Who else? The ones that are always at the bottom of the dogpile. The Brits, including the Lord Mayor, the Government of Westminster, the Governors of HSBC, the British Crown Corp, SERCO, and the BBC.

Our “friends” at it again.

So don’t waste your spitwads and F-16s on China or Trudeau.

Go directly for the head of the snake and whack it off.

Target Edinburgh for starters and make sure you take out Glammis Castle. Then bomb the Inner City of London into smithereens.

And if they still continue their “antics” we can give you a lot of other far more appropriate targets than Shanghai or Beijing.


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