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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Biden Ties Direct to Money From CCP -- Expect USA Attacks on Municipal Water Systems, Food Systems, And Misinformation


My epiphany today is that they will not attack the power systems....that would hobble their ability to transmit propaganda.    I foresee a mysteriously attack on some public water system, with poisons, maybe a bio agent, and misinformation abounding.

Food supply attack also via COVID infested workers et al, and Fauci confirming that the virus can live on meats for days, even weeks if frozen.

Stock out.

hat tip Lot's Wife

Subject: Grassley/Johnson Report Confirms Biden Family Deal with the CCP


Media failure to honestly report is headshot to republic 1:41

If the transition to Biden is successful, his liabilities will escalate into a tidal wave of buyer’s remorse. After he’s no longer useful (dies or is pushed aside), Kamala's ascension may assuage the stain. But the real forces will remain hidden, in the shadows, carefully tending the algos and the AI training runs. With Trump, despite his style, there’s less ideology and greater transparency. The lack of objective reporting holds half the population hostage with a false narrative. It’s a sure-fire way to divide and ignite. Indeed, it’s a fascinating time to be alive. Discerning lies and deceptions, especially in public institutions, is not second nature to most Americans. Times change; earthquakes happen; sewer and water lines break, power goes down. So too, assumptions that we’re informed by a free press. I hear mocking birds.



The Senators' report cited text messages from the Bidens' ex-business partner, Tony Bobulinski, showing that Hunter Biden and Ye Jian-ming, founder CEFC China Energy, had a "solid" relationship. 

CEFC is "effectively an extension of the communist Chinese government", while Ye had established ties to the CCP, as well as the Chinese military. 


Tony disclosed that the Bidens privately accepted $5 millions USD from CEFC, which was supposed to be a common business funding. Besides the text messages, the report also cited disclosed emails and business proposals confirming the links between the Bidens and CEFC.


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