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Monday, December 14, 2020

Bill Gates Smirking As He Recognizes The Damage Caused By Lockdowns and Shutdowns -- Severe Personality Defect




Your TDS is showing.    Southern District NY is a criminal organization....but I am not aware of any lawsuits....I mean if jail time is involved, then surely they are not "lawsuits" but criminal charges.  Right?

Where is the sauce?    You never provide sauce.

And it's exactly the opposite....The Cabal has and had their backs to the wall, and the only way out was blatant cheating on the election, which occurred, and anyone who says otherwise is simply not looking at facts.    

The cabal had everything to gain and everything to lose, and still does.   

We shouldn't "overthrow the government" we need to restore the government, throw out communists and socialists.


  1. The sauce is coming, don't get your panties bunched up. Remember the trumpster says he can't be indicted, meaning no lawsuits or criminal charges can be leveled, so we will wait until Jan. 20 and then have this conversation. SDNY is ready.

    1. They spent over $100M on the Mueller Event to try to find something that Trump did wrong....and they found nothing. Claims like your's that Trump is a criminal is based upon NOTHING but stupidity and hatred.

      Sure he is a blowhard, but for that you hand the country to the communists....fucking stupid you are.

    2. Mueller found a lot of Trump crimes but was constrained by the AG's office rules/notice of understanding, that a sitting president can't be indited with a crime and therefor Mueller did not include those charges in his report.

      When the new AG takes office I'm sure we will learn a lot more of the complete Mueller Report.

      I am not stupid and feel no hatred, unlike you, towards anyone. I also didn't hand the country over to the commies. Though I did sleep with a Russian woman and might have talked too much in my sleep.

      I commented yesterday to your request to produce the sauce about Trump's pending lawsuits/crimes and posted over 20 internet links (the sauce) on this very comment string and they disappeared.
      It's either you or WP that deleted those links and if I had to guess at who did this, my choice would be you Stock.

      It must be nice to rule a kingdom where your word is law. If challenged, then you just delete any comment you don't like. Free speech just got thrown out.

    3. oh sure, post those links again. LOL
      Or email to me.

      Mueller was appointed as head of FBI 1 week before 911. Just saying....

      Mueller didn't find sheet on teflon Don.


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