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Thursday, December 10, 2020

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  1. Not very decipherable -- though readability played its part!

    1. Right in new window. In Windows 10 it looks great. I think they have the story line pretty well nailed.

  2. Brother will kill brother and mothers will weep.

  3. So Stock what do you think about this crap you posted? Joe M, the top blogger on QAnon, says we should overthrow the Government of America. An armed insurrection is what Trump wants more than anything so he can declare Marshal Law.

    Insurrection Act: "The Insurrection Act gives U.S. presidents the authority to deploy active duty military to maintain or restore peace in times of crisis."

    Trump is facing, at a minimum, 5 independent felony state lawsuits from DC and NY. Sentencing ranges from 5-20 years in prison + fines for each conviction. These lawsuits contain no provisions to allow the respondent (Trump) of getting off scott free. In other words, he must at a minimum, go to jail and pay a fine for each lawsuit. Trump is a cornered animal and will lash out, even at his base if need be. Trump is in Trump's corner and no one else.

    1. Your TDS is showing. Southern District NY is a cirminal organization....but I am not aware of any lawsuits....I mean if jail time is involved, then surely they are not "lawsuits" but criminal charges. Right?

      Where is the sauce? You never provide sauce.

      And it's exactly the opposite....The Cabal has and had their backs to the wall, and the only way out was blatant cheating on the election, which occurred, and anyone who says otherwise is simply not looking at facts.

      The cabal had everything to gain and everything to lose, and still does.

      We shouldn't "overthrow the government" we need to restore the government, throw out communists and socialists.


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