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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Canary Islands and the Hawaii Hilina Slump -- Both Poised to Set Off 1000' Mega-Tsunamis

 stock here: we have addressed the Hilina Slump extensively in this blog.    And it is now "in play", along with the Canary Islands recent uptick in activity.

The sheep handlers that be keep pretending that it rarely does anything and that the slump field in the ocean from the previous slump is supporting the land based slump.   They ignore the large earthquakes in that ocean slump field that destabilized the slump field at the beginning of the 2018 HVE (Hawaiian Volcanic Event).

And now we a new earthquake swarm under Cumbre Vieja, the Canary Islands.    There have been 5 swarms this year, 500% more than just recently.   

And these swarms are at 20km to 30km depths......perfect magma chamber depths.   I have not mapped the chamber(s) of Cumbre Viejo, but for reference, the Moana Loa magma chamber (shared with Kilauea) is roughly 30km to 40km.

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