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Friday, December 18, 2020

Death of Small Business -- Obituary That Went Viral

Steven Klein wrote this: Wretched Gretchen is killing his baby.

stock here --- a case could be made on Amendment 5

nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

This is NOT a political post. My sources are telling me an extension is going to be announced. May God help her❤️

My business, my livelihood, my invention, my baby that I have nursed from birth, called Vision Lanes is in jeopardy. 😌😌😌

She is barely conscious. She is dying slowly. She is watching her loyal staff and caretakers go find other sources of income because she can’t provide for her family any longer.

Her customers are finding other places to bowl. The people she loves are being forced to bowl in another State just to do what they love doing with her at her house. But, she is not conscious. She is not available to them. She is dying. Something is killing her and she is being told that she needs to be sacrificed. Her death will save lives.

She sees the mailbox continue to fill up with bills. Bills that have never stopped coming. The bills are as unrelenting as a shark that smells blood in the water. The end is near.

There isn’t anything her Daddy can do to save her. He is helpless. It’s killing him. So when you see her Daddy, and he doesn’t have that same sparkle in his eyes or same love in his heart understand he is watching his baby die, right in front of his eyes.

Those of you who say, “Oh we will be there when she gets better”.

Its time to relinquish to the fact that she won’t be alive when she is allowed to be open again, when she is allowed to be conscious.

Those of you who don’t understand the tragedy and loss of her death haven’t witnessed her unconditional love and friendship.

You haven’t watched her introduce people and they become “friends for life”.

You haven’t watched her atmosphere, and her influence people to find their soulmate and get married because she introduced them and she gave them a safe place to interact.

You aren’t aware that in her house everyone KNOWS they are treated with equal respect and people KNOW they have equal responsibility as well.

You aren’t aware that her house is a place, where black and white people learn about each other. They get to experience each other in a 50/50 environment, that they love equally.

You don’t know she provides a place where people give each other a chance no matter how different the people are! She is like no other! She celebrates the beauty of diversity. There isn’t much of that going on today, if you haven’t noticed. Some of you are fine with the lack of acceptance of diversity. She is not fine with it. She celebrates diversity with ease and grace❤️

She has hooked up some of the best bowlers in the country. She introduced them at a team tournament, a league, or just when they are hanging out.

She is way more than a “bowling alley”. She improves everyone’s life that gives her love a chance.

Her little brother, the Hamtramck Singles needs to find a new place to grow up before he is infected and dies an unforgivable death as well.

Goodbye girl. I love you and I will miss you❤️🎳🎳

With much love and respect

Signed by Your Daddy❤️


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