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Friday, December 18, 2020

Jupiter and Saturn’s Great Conjunction -- And Eruption Of Moana Loa


Usually it’s the Astrology types that talk about conjunctions (being close or in line) of planets.   There
was a massive conjunction this summer solstice of planets all lined up on one side of the sun.    Jupiter takes eleven earth years for a trip around the sun, coincidental with the half magnetic cycle / sun spot cycle of the sun, 11 years, the full magnetic flip is 22 years.


Jupiter and Saturn’s Great Conjunction Is the Best in 800 Years—Here’s

How to See It

I will be rewriting earth geo-mechanics later next year, at which time I shall expose the 22 year volcanic cycle, and the interactions the interplanetary magnetic fields, galactic cosmic rays, and “nucleation” of volcanic gases in magma all influenced by the sun and space weather.    We are definitely in an earth based magnetic excursion (aka possible magnetic pole flip) and maybe headed to a “Grand solar minimum” (aka a dearth of sunspots).     One startling finding from my observations during the 2018 HVE Hawaiian volcanic event, was that during period of very low sunspot activity… get increased clouds (via cloud nucleation via GCRs) which create cooling effect, and you get increased vulcanism, via the same GCRs Galactic Cosmic rays and other magnetic field (aka magnetic shield) effects.    


So it a double whammy….more clouds and more volcanoes.    And it’s likely where we are headed over the next 11, 22, 33 years.   So I bought a larger greenhouse, LOL.  And 10 cords of red oak


About 2 weeks ago, I predicted an eruption of Moana Loa or Kilauea or both in the next month, it’s possible this conjunction, and the combined interplanetary magnetic fields and flux transfer, could be the trigger, and solstices and equinoxes of the Earth are particularly prone to large volcanic and earthquake events.   So stay frosty, and any night in the next week would be great viewing of this historic conjunction if you can find some dark skies and tip a frosty one too!


PS, a 4.4 Mag EQ hit the Moana Kea volcano last week too, that’s big for Hawaii.


  1. Just like a great chef in a large, busy kitchen, swirling about pots and pans with a fresh tasting spoon (or fork) for each, so Miles Mathis has weighed in on the Jupiter|Saturn conjunction.

    Are You Ready for Some GOOD NEWS? by Miles Mathis,


    Solar Cycles:miles v. Mainstream by Steven Oostdijk 10 Mar 2020-1 Dec 2020, the Netherlands -- Paper started in March comparing cycle 25 predictions, updated in Nov for Jup/Sat conjunction.

    I'll entrust stock with the responsibility to make sense of all this very highfalutin' science!

    1. Thought you and even some of your readers might get a CHARGE from the papers!


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