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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Military, Special Ops Man, Breaks Down The Current Events. Jeffrey Prather.

 Hat Tip: Lot's Wife (Google That)

Jeffrey Prather


This fellow is former mil, special ops, DEA, and later worked as a contractor for same agencies. He now runs a self-defense school in AZ, publishes, and broadcasts himself on multiple platforms. He’s legit, check him out; his info arrives via informed sources. His audience is within single-digit separation from his sources. Use the opportunity to peel the onion, practicing discernment at each layer.


Somehow YT has not kicked him off; he'll jump to an alt platform when it does. Other people are uploading his work to Bitchute and Brandnewtube. This episode aired before SCOTUS tossed the TX suit. However, it provides current info (ignored by MSM) on issues that concern the welfare of the republic.


Bear in mind, this is much bigger than fighting over election results, Dem vs Rep. It’s about nefarious efforts of a foreign power to use our political/legislative apparatus to subvert the will of the people. It’s about money and control. Most people can’t see it those terms because TV news short-circuits cognition. Too fanciful for belief? Why then were patents issued for technology that uses TV as a device (below the level of conscious awareness) for mass indoctrination?

"Certain monitors can emit electromagnetic field pulses that excite a sensory resonance in a nearby subject, through image pulses that are so weak as to be subliminal. This is unfortunate since it opens a way for mischievous application of the invention, whereby people are exposed unknowingly to manipulation of their nervous systems for someone else's purposes. Such application would be unethical and is of course not advocated. It is mentioned here in order to alert the public to the possibility of covert abuse that may occur while being online, or while watching TV, a video, or a DVD.”


Even at the surface level television commands attention, authority, and obedience.


  1. Prather is a convicted rapist and con man according to the DEA and Federal Courts. A true psychopath in every sense of the word.
    But hey Stock thinks he is peachy keen and the black ops man of men. No he's a psychopath. Do a search of this guy and see for yourself, lord knows Stock didn't, because he told you so.

    The invention relates to the stimulation of the human nervous system by an electromagnetic field applied externally to the body. The contact electrode is a metal bar in Ohmic contact with the bare feet of the subject.."

    That's right; you have to have electrodes in contact with your head and be grounded by setting a metal electrode to your feet.
    This is the same thing that Frankinstien was forced to endure.

    This patent application, US6506148B2 is only an APPLICATION for a patent and has NOT been granted. As an inventor, patents are coded by classification Utility (U) or Design (D) in front of the numbers. When a patent is issued it will have U 12345 or D 12345 or the new classification "plant" (P).
    Your so called patent is NOT A PATENT you idiot. Besides this is all a big pile lies and Stocks disinformation campaign.

    "Even at the surface level television commands attention, authority, and obedience". That's why parents limit their children's time watching TV and games, while adults dive below the surface into their TV and become addicted.


    1. May I suggest counseling? And I don't mean giving it.

  2. This is chess and I'm close to checkmate.

  3. You say counseling, why yes I have counsel, it's Perkins Coie. You might think of getting counsel yourself JJ.


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