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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Must Read Now, Instruction To Save The United States of America

As Article II declares, “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States.” You must call us up, and command us.

We urge you to do the following simultaneously as both the chief law enforcement officer of the nation, and as the commander in Chief:

1. INVOKE THE INSURRECTION ACT: Issue a Presidential Proclamation, directly invoking the Insurrection Act, declaring an insurrection, rebellion, and coup to be in effect by domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution and traitors who are in collusion with and/or acting as agents of a foreign enemy (specifically Communist China, but also other known or unknown foreign enemies) and to call up the militia (including the National Guard, us veterans, and patriotic Americans of military age) and US military to suppress the insurrection. That proclamation should declare that domestic traitors have conspired with a foreign enemy, specifically Communist China, and have been either bribed or blackmailed by that enemy, and together they have subverted our electoral system from top to bottom to rig elections at every level, and to steal elections with the intent of overthrowing our Constitution and our way of life.

A. Order the data seized: Pursuant to that proclamation, order SOCOM and other trusted military units, to seize all databases of the CIA, FBI, NSA, DNI, etc and the records held by all state electoral systems and administrators. And order them to take possession of and preserve all evidence of the insurrection/rebellion/coup wherever it is housed or held and to counter and suppress any attempt by the insurrectionists to prevent the seizing of the data.

B. Order a mass declassification of the dirty secrets: Order SOCOM Intelligence officers and other trusted and loyal patriot intelligence officers to carry out your orders to declassifying ALL the dirty secrets and evidence of crimes by all the corrupt and compromised elites (in both major parties) to expose them all, and especially to expose their treason and their willing service to communist china and other foreign powers, as spies, agents, and puppets. Of course, those loyal intelligence officers should not declassify and disclose data that could put at risk loyal American operatives and allies in foreign nations, who are on legitimate missions that are related to our legitimate national interests. Only disclose data on traitors and their treason.

C. Within all that data will be the evidence needed to expose the vote fraud and who is behind it, as well as expose all the corrupt judges, state Attorney Generals, governors, legislative leaders, election officials, etc.

D. Order a massive public “Wikileaks” style data-dump to put all the dirty secrets of the compromised elites on display to the American people. Those secrets are the very “swamp water” that the DC swamp creatures swim in. Those dirty secrets both control and shield them all. Throw the doors open, and dump all the skeletons out of the closets and onto the streets for all the people to see, and for all the world to see.

E. Pardon and free Julian Assange and ask him to assist in this massive data-dump public disclosure. He is a hero who has dedicated his life to battling the deep state and deserve our thanks and a chance to serve not just America, but all humanity by assisting in this great cause.

F. Fire Barr and remove him from office immediately (UPDATE: Barr has resigned, but needs removal immediately. Don’t let him run the clock out even a day more). The replacement should not come from within the beltway.

You must appoint a REAL patriot Attorney General who will actually fight and actually clean house. Look outside the beltway for a real patriot. We will help you find one who will actually fight for the Republic. This is a populist movement, and the people are still being locked out, which is why you keep getting betrayed over and over. Appoint REAL patriots who are outsiders.

G. Appoint a special prosecutor and task force. The new Attorney General should appoint a special prosecutor with a full task force to investigate and indict all those involved in the vote fraud and to go after the Deep State from top to bottom, including within the DOJ, prosecuting all traitors in all branches, and all levels.

H. Fire Wray and put a patriot in place as FBI Director to clean house in the FBI and to actually do their jobs, to root out all who are actively committing treason, and who have been compromised, blackmailed, or bought out by Communist China and/or other foreign enemies.

2. Order the U.S. Military to go to Defcon 2, or even Defcon 1, to defend our nation from external threats while we suppress this internal insurrection. It is imperative that we maintain strict control of our nuclear arsenal in patriot hands and that our armed forces stand ready to repel foreign attack and interference while we handle this necessarily drastic domestic house cleaning.
3. Call the militia into federal service. Pursuant to your powers as Commander-in-Chief to call forth the militia, call up all National Guard units into federal service, and likewise call up all military veterans up to age 65 into federal service as the militia to assist in keeping the peace here at home. Also call up all able-bodied Americans between the ages of 17-45 who are still loyal to the Constitution to likewise report for duty, bearing their own arms. You have the power to command them and order them to report for duty at their nearest military base or National Guard armory in their state. All of the above, as the militia, can be used to keep the peace in our local and state communities, under your direct command, to suppress the expected riots, terrorism, and armed insurrection by the radical left in the United States (who have been armed and equipped for months now by our foreign and domestic enemies).
4. CONDUCT A CLEAN ELECTION. We will post advise on this shortly. Stay tuned. It is both simple, and very complex, given the advanced cancer of corruption in our voting system.



  1. Sounds like the playbook of a dictator. America is a country of law not of men.

    1. Ya that conducting a "clean election" is just so dictatorial. TDS is the virus that causes the inability to see what is actually going on.

  2. TDS? Your talking nonsense again.
    a.k.a. Trump Derangement Syndrome. The inability to find fault with Trump due to the fact that you voted for him in 2016. Also see: Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias.

    So Stock would follow Trump our COMMANDER AND CHIEF and fight to the death to protect something or other. When Trump calls you up to fight are you willing to lay down your life for Trump? This is the definition of autocrat. Laying down your life for your country is a patriot.


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