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Monday, December 21, 2020

Nailed It! Predicted Hawaii Eruption December 8th, With A One Month Window, Got The Eruption On Dec 21, 2020

 stock here: was at a Christmas gathering yesterday, with an eclectic group, so I introduced them to space weather and it's effects on earthquakes and vulcanism.

Also told them about my December 8th prediction for an Eruption.   And then since the "Great Conjunction" was on everyone's radar I indicated how planet to sun magnetic portals often formed and the double planet portal could be a doosey, and could be the trigger for the predicted Eruption.....

They are going to be like, who the eff was that guy.......

Here is the December 8th Writeup

And the writeup on that page



  1. you sure did nail it.
    The day before Hawaii got the volcano wake-up Japan was banging like a drum. They had (USGS map) 6.3 and a series of aftershocks.
    What I cannot figure is if the Japan big quake was on US scale or way larger using Japan scale (1 to 7).

    Dana is talking about the Japan scale.

    1. Yes, there is also some huge joinery between Hawaii and Indonesia earth activity....I haven't been paying attention, but will at sometime look at any pre-cursor activity


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