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Monday, December 28, 2020

Review of the Geo-Mechanic history of the Canary Islands

I found the local monitoring force of around 60 people!

I was able to find their home page, but not any obvious link to EQ data.


stock here: Just a quick review of the Canary Islands, I'll have more on the recent "Swarm" later


  1. anything big there would affect the east coast of the US (tsunami).

    2013 - Canary Is. Mega-Disaster Looms? Watching El Golfo

    1. Wow, you been covering this since 2013! I first saw it in a Clancy novel about a lunatic willing to create the Canary Tsunami to take out vengeance on New York and particular peoples. Mini-EMP weapons were also used in that novel...for other kill patients in hospitals....but that is what we have Governors for....ouch

  2. other topic -
    just saw this:
    "Meanwhile, CERN is on the verge of reinitializing their LHC, at the highest energy levels conceivable, while Saturn is at it's peak of hyper-dimensional geometry, what I like to call "Event Horizon IRL"." -blog comment


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