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Monday, December 28, 2020

Scotland Murdered Their Elders In Care Homes, Just Like The 6 Tyrant Governors of USSA Did

 stock here, we covered the USA "issues" HERE

Here are the Worst Actor States in the USA

New Jersey

New York





And here are the letters from the USSA Governors that murdered 60,000 seniors in the worst possible way.

------------------------------------------ Scotlands Scandal Below

North-east Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles described the situation as a “shocking dereliction of duty to the most vulnerable people in our society”.

He added: “Over and over again we warned the Scottish Government that there should be a robust and regular testing system in place for all care home residents and staff, in order to avoid this very situation.

“The first minister should set the record straight, take full responsibility for the terrible harm that has been caused to families across the country and most importantly ensure that this kind of mistake never happens again.”

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