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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Sidney Powell -- Describes The Methods Of Voter Fraud That Were Used

 h/t Lot's Wife

Listen as she describes the ways and means of vote theft.


Similar to power windows, thermostats, dimmer switches, we can automatically steal elections with machines.


Until votes are made with pen, paper and hand-counted, American elections are not free; they are managed to produce a selective outcome.


Were it not for the passion between Trump and his supporters, the steal would have gone undetected. The thieves underestimated the strength of his appeal (second time in four years), catching them in a scramble to fill the gap.


In Atlanta, vote counting was stopped late at night under false pretext (broken water pipe); sending observers home; re-starting the count using fraudulent votes; the perps not knowing the crime was videotaped by multiple cameras and time-stamped. Priceless.


More than month after the fact most Americans have no I D E A of this accounting. MSM journalists serve their clients on their knees. Then they spew Americans with mouth-loads of vile garbage colored as fact. No wonder the population is divided.

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