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Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Vaccines Are A Joke. The Only Real Test Is To Re-Challenge The Recipient With The Virus, And The Virus Has Never Been Isolated

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This is a super critical point:  The only way to test a vaccine is to "Re-Challenge" the recipient with the same virus.

They did this in a decade of trying to develop a SARS-1 vaccine.   Remember the supposed COVID19 is SARS-2.

In the SARS-1 vaccine trials, they rechallenged Primates with the SARS-1.   20% of them died after going into an overdrive immune response that destroyed their own bodies.

Take note: for anyone paying attention, we have known for a long time that the PCR test can create 90% false positives.

Now the WHO is saying the same thing?   And why is this?   So that agencies using the PCR test, use less cycles, and therefore show less positives, and thus PROVE that the vaccine works!

Take a look at Bing images of Tedros, the non-doctor head of the WHO....they are filtering out the images that make him look like the beast he is.



Why is Trump playing the "vaccine" card so much?   We know that he is a strong believer in "technology".   He think nuclear is cool.   So on some levels, he is no genius. 



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