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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

We Offer Simple Rules To Make Voting Fraud Much Harder to Accomplish


The election fraud is so widespread, so obvious, it's a litmus test for the continuation of the USA. That said I am also OK with running another election with non-silly rules that all states follow equally, and with observation by both parties and maybe a military presence.

1) No votes without an ID or a citizen witness.
2) Voter roles purged of the dead or those that moved away.
3) No absentee voting without both requesting an absentee ballot and having a valid reason.
4) Federal Holiday on voting day for voters, and for non-essential Federal workers.
5) Absentee ballots must have a witness who is a citizen of the USA, signature, address, and phone.
6) All in person votes shall be on paper and with handwritten selections.
7) All said paper shall be held for 5 years
8) Any vote tabulation machines shall have no foreign interest or former foreign investment.
9) Any vote tabulation machines shall have any code pre-approved and provided for public inspection. This is not rocket science, and any claim to "proprietary code" is ruled non-sense.
10) Signature confirmation, if done electronically, shall be performed at a level of 97% confidence level the signatures match. Rejected signatures shall be reviewed by a team of 4 bi-partisan observers who are trained in signature analysis.
11) There is no level of "protection" of your party preference during primary voting. There should be complete back-traceability of every ballot to an individual voter. There is no reason or legal guarantee of anonymity in voting, nor should there be.
12) Per 11, any mail in ballots shall be barcoded so that the ballot and the envelope have the same barcode. No envelopes or ballots are to be thrown away for 5 years
13) Late votes shall not be counted, unless there was obvious fraudulent activity that made them late on purpose.
14) Any device used in tabulating the vote shall have an iron clad audit trail.
15) Any volunteers or persons paid to facilitate the elections shall be trained for not less than 2 hours in the election laws, and the penalties for violating election laws, and they shall sign indicating they understand the rules and the penalties.
16) Any damaged or suspicious ballots shall be kept for 5 years, and shall be subject to bi-partisan review shortly after the election voting day

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