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Thursday, December 10, 2020

YouTube Now Censors Anything Against The Establishment Cabal Narrative


Dare we voice aloud that America’s vaunted educational system has led us to this juncture? An
intersection of political reckoning, a place where critical thinking and skeptical filters would have prevented this train wreck. Lacking the ability to discern truth from lies, we’re driven off buffalo jumps while WHO stage managers rearrange living conditions after the fall. Architects of funnel fences, yellow journalists fan the flames of fear and confused thinking. Is the Titanic our model of collapse? Speed and size belies brittle steel and black swans. The band (TV) maintains a sense of normalcy; chosen oligarchs escape on a calm sea, rescue imminent, while the vast majority slip beneath the waves.



GnuReligion 1 week ago

@Caz Gerald Thanks for this article. Was not aware, until reading this, that the WHO did a Fauci-turnaround on the Lockdown Narrative. 2020 has demonstrated that most merely parrot their tribal leaders, and have no skeptical filter. This is Kafka world.

Tristan smith

Tristan smith 1 week ago (edited)

@GnuReligion i now reserve the right to categorize rona fearmongering as a religious movement on the same level as climate alarmism/alarmists who for the last 50 odd years have been saying "if we dont do anything in the next ten years we'll all dead" or something along those lines. edit, grammar



GnuReligion 1 week ago

@Tristan smith I saw the term "Covidian" on Twitter, and chuckled. "Maskhole" is another good one. The True Believers of the religion, are the Branch Covidians. There will always be another crisis. Have heard that good governance is about crisis management. My greatest fear is that vaccines, shutdowns, and isolation will leave our collective immune system more vulnerable to the next disease. That would certainly represent a failure of governance. Have we not "flattened the curve" already?


Seen here:

On The Madness of Crowds

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