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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

4902 Adverse Events Reported From COVID "Vaccine" Up To Dec 31, The VAERS Data Is Here, Downloadable and Sortable Spreadsheet

stock here: all these Alphabet soup agencies just do horrible data presentation.    It's like a way to protect their club, their tribe, their source of power and income.    It's very intentional.   The USGS is the same....It took me a dozen tries to torture their data into a usable format that I failed on, before I finally succeeded.   And I am pretty much an Excel expert.   I had to purchase a helper program called Kutools that made the final success possible.

4902 Adverse Events Reported, and from a little over 1000 people.    Meaning that many people had multiple things going wrong with them.    And who even knew about this system to make a report?    Is the real number 10 times higher....I mean unless you intend to go back to the Doctor or to the ER....its not going to get reported.

You can export the data, but it exports to a text file, not an Excel or CSV.   That makes is complicated to then get it into a useable format. 

Here is the report I ran for COVID.;jsessionid=27EA491D49237D5ED5896AAF5BCB?stage=results&action=sort&direction=MEASURE_DESCEND&measure=D8.M1

You have to "agree" before you get to anything;jsessionid=1BEF624365BD90115B6E74970CA9

Here is the spreadsheet I created if you want to grab it.



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