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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

ANTIFA "Obviously" The Agent Provocateur At The False Flag Staged "Siege"



  1. James Kunstler is talking with Adam Ellwanger who's bio reads;
    "Adam Ellwanger
    Mediocre guitarist. Cunning rhetorician. Confused conservative. Professor. Rock enthusiast. Awaiting cancellation. "Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief!". From above link "In his free time, he writes, plays guitar, drinks beer and ruby port, and listens to music."

    Both Kunstler and Ellwanger are on the fringes of society and especially the academic community.
    Free speech does not make it true, metaphysics does not provide a logical path, unless you crawl inside the minds of these two, then it is up to the listener/reader to come to their own conclusion of what the truth means and how it impacts the reader. The bias of these two men is obviously right wing, of which they are proud of, which taints the message they expound upon.
    Philosophy cares not what side of the fence your on. Their conclusions are logical only if you use inductive reasoning and they are illogical if you use deductive reasoning.

    Anyone who can understand what the hell these alcoholic talking heads intend to convey should wear a tinfoil hat. I just listened to 55:06 minutes of two men talk about the deductive and illogical rational world of the unknown. 55:06 minutes that I will never get back.


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