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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Basic Statistics Show That Very Few People Like Biden, The Only Reason Biden is There Is Hatred For Trump


I submit some basic statistics......Georgia rally for Biden, 40 people, Trump rally many thousands.


Trump twitter followers, 80M,   Biden twitter followers 20M


Viewers of Biden rally on YouTube, 200,000 of which 40% are Conservative just out to gather information on the noted by the 3000 up votes, and 2000 down votes.


Viewers of Trump rally early on, 2,000,000


1 comment:

  1. With due respect to all opposing views, I celebrate the current victory of NOBODY for POTUS 2020. NOBODY, as you will have to agree, got (s)elected to date for the Office of POTUS.

    If things go to where they currently proceed, we shall have NOBODY for POTUS for a long time. In that event, because NOBODY cares for you, NOBODY reins in the military, NOBODY taxes you less, you'll be better off!

    According to the chief ghoul of the WEF (Klaus Schwab), you'll eventually own nothing and be happier for it! Congrats, Americans. You have lost your constitutional republic. It only took 230 years! The so-called US Dollar (Federal Reserve debt notes) will also go away sooner than later. Welcome to the digitization of your wallet. Which, if you have a "vaccination certificate" or "passport", you can use to buy necessities and attend converts featuring Lady Gaga or Madonna or one or the other "Disney girls".

    "New World Order". Can't criticize THEM for brilliance in strategy and tactics. Took THEM a few thousand years to pull it off. A tribute to the stubbornness of humanity. Booby prize. THEY have not yet won THE PRIZE. May hubris and self-aggrandizement lead to THEIR failure. So is the Promise.


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