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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Biden Asleep On Camera At Start Of Interview, In His Basement --- Debunked or NOT, It's Funny

It's funny how the "fact check" presents their "argument", and with links to 2 source videos and the links

don't work.

1) altered: sure...the creator says so

2) Sure, Biden didn't fall asleep on air, he started asleep

3) Uh, yes, see point one



 "He's Meditating"

It appears that this is a melding of another person sleeping event at start of interview.   And a Biden sleeping on camera event also.   

I think the source video for the female actor is at the bottom.


And the woke have this to say.....about this clip 

This is a taste of what's to come from this account. Jr and his producers will take every single cheap shot at Biden. Just like his father, zero class, zero integrity. Now is a chance to heal this nation. Boycott this account people! Unite, no more division! 




Debunkers seem to have a tough time posting their debunk videos, why is that?

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