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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Biden In The "Oval Office", New Parking Lot In The Background, and LOL Trump Walks By In Both Windows

 Watch it yourself folks.   The mumbling through a mask that distorts the voice but doesn't cover the nose is amazing.

Overnight this got some serious traction at Before Its News....over 5000 views in the middle of the night.


And check the "real" duplicated Oval Office in Norfolk, sent in by a reader, at the bottom.

It appears he is signing blank pages, after fumbling to pick up a pen.

It also seems that the people in the comment section "get it". 

The joke is on us, and they are not laughing with us


  1. And there is a pictures where there shows a 1980 ford truck outside of the window.

  2. I noticed how wrinkly the curtains were right away

  3. Love u np been lurking since 3-11

    1. TY, use your voice, the world needs voices of real people. Anniversary is coming up--- 10 years


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