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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Celeste Solum: Covid was planned and executed to reset and reorder life on the planet

hat tip Lot's Wife

For 20 years, Celeste Solum worked as a planner, and in other positions, for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). She was bridge between boots on the ground and managers who ran the ship. Sharp-eyed and devoted, she learned quickly and gathered data on the fly. A whistleblower to fear.


Solum’s take on Covid is unadorned and frank. Covid was planned and executed to reset and reorder life on the planet. Listen and shudder as she explains who, what, where, and why. The two opening presentations are dense with fast-paced detail. Stop the vid to read text.


This information may not be suited to casual curiosity. Solum’s introduction to the bio-weapon that’s warping society rings with the authenticity of a death in the family. Her message challenges everything the MSM delivers daily. That’s not easily cast aside. Advise strong hearts past this point.


Solum relies on biblical references to emphasize God’s prophecy. However, they are minor and should not deter attention to the main message. Despite her public profile Wikipedia provides zilch. Her absence there is revealing meta-data: They fear the truth she speaks.


Watching/listening these videos is a significant investment of time. If you found them useful, send feedback.


                                                ***                        ***                        ***                        *** (2 hr.) (1hr.)

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