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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Facial Recognition of the Capital "Stormers" Shows They Are Antifa BLM


  1. Christina Bobb is a talking head for One American News Shit Show.

    Looks like a lot of people, when in fact;
    Jason Tankersley is in all 4 pictures.
    Matthew Heimbach is in 2 pixs, as is Steve Smith.
    All of these boys are skinheads, leaving only 3 buttheads, with one a socialist, one the leader of "the band of total annihilation" leaving 1 who is not at all identified.
    So every one of these "boys" are Trumpsters, through and through.

    Just on the news, the justice department brought federal felony indictments on Jason Tankersley and Matthew Heimbach. Both skinheads were indicted by a grand jury.

  2. Still butt hurt about Hillary...this photo will be shared far and wide. We do not have any in common with the tard stormers. The left hates everything--the flag, Christians, babies, God, Israel, peace in the Middle East. Thank God for OAN and Epoch Times for data not stupid commentary.

    1. Here is Christina Bobb;

      2020 US elections
      In November 2020, the OANN and Newsmax channels saw a growth in their audience as Fox News gained the disapproval of President Trump for its reporting on the presidential election.[123] He managed with some success to persuade his followers to switch to other networks.[124] Unlike Fox, OAN was prepared to give credibility to the false claims of electoral fraud promoted by Trump.[125]

      OANN falsely claimed millions of votes from Trump were switched to Joe Biden during the 2020 US presidential election. The assertion originated from, a pro-Trump website which had falsely cited Edison Research; the organization had found no evidence of fraud.[126] Trump tweeted the claim promoted by OANN.[127] Five days after the Associated Press had called the election for Joe Biden, the network remained virtually the only television outlet which had not published such a report.[128] Despite the rise in profile, the Politico website reported in November 2020 that OANN was expected to receive $48 million in revenue during the year, against Fox's $2.9 billion.[125]

      Christina Bobb, an OANN news anchor, worked in private with the Trump legal team to overturn the election results.[129]

    2. M.S. Hembree.
      My father told me this fable when I was young.

      A man was walking by the river when he came upon a deadly snake. The snake said that he would be grateful if the man would swim him across the river. The man said NO your a snake. The snake promised over and over that he would no bite him, so the man picked up the snake and half way across the river the snake bit him. The man screamed you said you wouldn't bite me!. The snake replied, you knew I was a snake when you picked me up.

    3. Yep, the snake parable is why the left and the "minor attracted", and satanists warn you in advance, show their symbols.

  3. Sounds like Trump to me. Need any examples?

  4. This is laughable. In these images, where are the antifa and BLM?

    Members of the National Socialist Movement are *not* socialists any more than the original National Socialist Party were. These are Neo-NAZIs.

    So, skinheads and Neo-Nazis. White supremacist fascists. Where's the antifa and BLM here? And why would anyone suggest that these can't be Trump supporters?

    And Jake Angeli is the "QAnon Shaman". QAnon followers are among the most strident Trump supporters, believing he is the only world leader who will take down the satanic pedophile cannibals running the deep state.

    Sorry. These are exactly the kind of deplorables Trump attracts. Deal with it.

    1. Thank you googleaccount for those refreshing words of sanity and truth.


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