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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Finally One UK Newspaper (the Telegraph) Challenges the Narrative That the BS "2nd Wave" is Worse Than the First

 Actual Journalism?   

Even this is misleading in relation to other articles that claim no change in overall death rate, and considering the deaths from lockdowns and delayed medical procedures, it's a surprisingly healthy year.

Increase in sanitation is of benefit.

comment section

Thank you for presenting the data so many have seen for the last 10 months. The fact that the data presentation has been managed to present the worst possible situation has not been lost on people, to the extent that many now disregard most of what the government and MSM present. The BBC in particular now riles so many people that they simply do not listen to it at all. 


PHE blog, a government website.   Attempts to clarify by confusing the situation and making it to be extremely shut the eff up and put your mask on and pray your unemployment shows up.

LOL last updated Oct 7th 2020

and from the comment section

If the lockdowns have prevented the transmission of flu then they should have prevented the transmission of Covid 19 as both are highly contagious. The fact that we are being told Covid infections are rising whilst flu cases are almost non existent does not ring true. Likewise the across the board fall in deaths from non Covid causes.



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