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Monday, January 25, 2021

Guest Post" Bill Gates: Condemned to Death By Lethal Injection -- Sociopaths or Worse


Bill Gates must be so proud. He’s living his dream…like someone who decorates the family home with model RR trains shuttling plastic people and cargo on miniature tracks suspended near the ceiling and ranging through the house, tunneling through walls, monitored by video cameras, and controlled from a central console and a lighted track map showing the system is functioning.


Excepting that model railroading doesn’t kill anyone and is not intended to, Bill’s hobby has a similar feel. There’s the fetish of control and power; the tinkering with a minutia of detail; a whiff of OCD; and the fantasy of mastery over goods and services, life and death.


Since Bill is filthy rich his vicarious possession is widely supported by media and government. They fawn over his sweet lies. Taken to heart by too-trusting people, they line up to buy a ticket. And yet Bill’s "vaccines" perform like a roach killer of the frail and elderly. They also kill normal healthy people.


But mostly the trains run on time. Bill must be so proud.


So step right up, pilgrims. Roll up your sleeves, bare your arms, and go for a ride. Lethal injections and train wrecks, a combo many will never forget.

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