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Monday, January 4, 2021

Hour Long Secretly Recorded Phone Call With Trump and Georgia Security of State

These people are giving lip service, and why would they release a conversation that Trump didn't even know was being recorded?

Some of the comments are amazing......

The way he RANTS and YELLS !! THE COLD DEMONIC DISRESPECT. Now we see what his own staff workers had to endure all these years. This attitude is that of a parasite, feeding on its prey and leaving it more than just dead. This is what a cosmic Black Hole is to the universe. MASSIVE NOTHINGNESS destroying all existence. How can this be?? Sci-fi horror films should be ashamed.
Rody Outdoors
I heard the audio completely; he is not asking them to "create" anything, as usual, his words are taken out of context; what he is asking them is to do their job. They keep saying Trump has wrong numbers but there is shown evidence of the contrary but these crooks are still clinging to their ways. All Trump wants and the millions who voted for him is to count accurately and without tramps which at this point proven that is not what has happened in this and other States. This phone call makes one's blood boils and it may do more than that one day if we keep going down this path of tramps and outright lies!



During an hourl ong phone call, President Trump pressured Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the 2020 election results. Trump said, “I just want to find 11,780 votes.”» 

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  1. "This phone call makes one's blood boils and it may do more than that one day if we keep going down this path of tramps and outright lies!"

    That is why, we the people, voted him out of office.

    1. While in Wisconsin, I saw about 200 Trump signs, 2 Biden signs. Only idiots would vote for creepy sleepy Joe and sleep to the top Harris.

  2. Trumps is acting like a capo in the mafia. He will try to destroy democracy on his way out the door. Trump lost the damn presidential race and that's a fact. He had no policy and in fact was proud of not having any path forward; it's the wild wild West and anything goes because lying is not a crime and your the sheriff.

    Most voters I've talked too think Biden is old, going toothless and could have more youthful endeavors. These could be over looked, but this was a resolution about Trump not Biden. Trumps a very dangerous man.

    I can envision it now, Trump at Mar a Logo; he's all alone, he opens up the nuclear football and practices on it, trying to send an email, with his stubby little fingers. You can almost see it in your mind when he calls out too his personal aid for a screw driver and and to get the security pass I gave to Nunes and give it to the McDonalds delivery driver so as not to slow down my order of 9 Big Macs, Large tub of Fries and a porn star. Also have my attorney on stand by along with the Boogaloo boys and for f*ck sakes, tell them hillbilly, uncle toms' to hide their guns until their at the rally site.

    This is Trumps reality.


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