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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I would Not Vote For Trump In 4 Years, Assuming He Is Not President Now, LOL

Part of the new narrative is to get Trumps "base" to now despise, go against Trumpism.   And some of the that is deserved.   We had hope up to the end, and past the end. 



Trump did not tackle the biggest issues.

He was not effective on the biggest issues.

His appointments were suspicious at best, destructive perhaps.



  1. I liked his U-turn on war against VZ and the same for Syria.
    I liked his stopping grad students spying for China at universities.
    Not so great on environment but candidates who are great are just lying to get votes.

    1. He did hundreds of good things, but we needed 6 great things.

      He did not develop the relationships in the military to be able to pull off a confiscation of all voting equipment and or martial law and the arrest of obvious traitors. He did not place trusted conservative people in charge of ALL of the intelligence agencies.

      He miscalculated badly on those critical issues.


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