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Friday, January 15, 2021

I Wrote This On Nov 4th 2020: Prediction for USA Should The Biden / Harris Insertion Succeed

I wrote these predictions on 11-4-20


2021 Predictions 2.0 Part A

Fundamental Transformation will Happen Very Fast.
It looks like The Biden (CIA) is going to steal the Presidency, keep the House but not win the Senate {beware the RINOs}. No word yet on the outcome of any “Blue Wave” for state legislatures, school boards, mayors, etc. Nevertheless, these are some very real possibilities:

1.  Before April 1 the caricature known as Joe Biden will either resign or be deposed from being the President and Queen Kam El Tow will be installed to lead the destruction of America and turn it into a charcoal briquette. She will immediately give the Bidens a pardon for all crimes. There will be a big party celebrating her race and sex. Any criticism of The Queen will be called racist and sexist. Lots of hateful females & hateful homosexuals will be appointed to her administration.

2.  All investigations into the Criminal Elite will be extinguished and all evidence destroyed.

3.  The local police will be replaced with a heavy handed Federal Police (Gestapo, Stasi).

4.  The First Amendment will be destroyed - Big Tech and the MSM will complete their total dominance of all media controlling all news and information and crushing all forms of public dissent. Freedom of speech will be replaced with controlled speech. There will be a return to suppression of religious liberty, especially for Christians.

5.   The Second Amendment - will be diminished significantly through heavy handed regulations. The Right to Bear Arms will be made irrelevant as the ownership of guns will be made impossible through severe taxation of guns and ammo. Corporate America will simply take a knee and stop offering guns and ammo for sale as Wal Mart did. Regulations will be passed making it illegal for people to own more than one gun and one box of ammo. Federal Police will go house to house confiscating guns not voluntarily turned in. Citizens who resist will be murdered and the incident will be broadcast nation wide to strike fear into the hearts of average citizens. The Federal Police will leave the gangs alone and allow them to keep their weapons. Gangs will be allowed to terrorize white neighborhoods.

6.   The Courts - won’t be be packed with Activist Prog Scum Judges just yet as long as the Senate can stop it  {Progs didn’t take the Senate - Beware the RINOs}. Eventually the Progs will increase the size of the Supreme Court to more than nine, possibly fifteen, so that the Prog judges will be able to “legislate from the bench” and have the radical laws approved by a corrupt judiciary. The size of appellate courts will also be increased in order to dilute the effect of the conservative judges appointed by Trump.   

7.  The Economy - will be crushed by heavy taxes and regulations. Energy companies will go out of business as a by product of the “Green New Deal”. The cost of electricity will sky rocket. Taxes will be increased to the point of suffocating average people and there will be no business expansion. The economy will have to be propped up by trillions of dollars of government spending and money printing to the joy of Wall Street. Dependance on government for nearly everything will become the norm.

8.  The Military - will be treated like it was during the dark years of Obama. The military budget will be cut, ships will be placed in dry dock and forgotten, spare parts will become hard to find and supplies of ammunition will be depleted all the while demonizing the soldiers and sailors.

9.   China will invade Taiwan and the USA will do nothing about it nor will anyone else thereby cementing China’s position as the new world power. Terrorists are already feeling like it’s 2008 again and getting ramped up for the good old days of killing & homicide bombings. Iran will start a war with Israel before the end of the year.

Part B

10. The Public Schools - will ramp up their level of indoctrination including severe anti-white rhetoric and hate. History will be re-written destroying every level of pride in America. White people will become the new underclass.

11.  Medical Insurance -The government will take over health care insurance. Service will degrade significantly and the cost will be suffocating. Millions of new immigrants will get free medical care creating a massive back log of patients such that it will be nearly impossible to see a doctor. Only the rich and upper level bureaucrats will have private medical insurance.

12.  Everything Trump did that was good will be erased and replaced with hate and he will be vilified. The Border Wall will be torn down. Illegal immigrants will invade by the millions bringing their native diseases with them and they will suck the welfare system dry.

13. Every criminal & terrorist piece of garbage from around the world will be allowed into the country to live off welfare and get free medical care. Crime will increase significantly but not be reported on the MSM. The borders will be closed to people trying to escape from America.

14. Massive tax payer funded bail outs of liberal shit holes like CA, NY, IL, WA, OR, NJ and others will be approved.

15.  Reparations will be paid to blacks for slavery with the burden placed onto the backs of white people with no credit for 60 years of affirmative action. The DemonRat Plantation will have a revival.

16.  Lock Downs and masks and forced vaccinations will destroy the human spirit.


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