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Monday, January 18, 2021

In The Order of Progression, The Next Thing Is To "Eat Bugs"

stock here: Anticipating the Journal of American Medical Association -- JAMA -- will shortly come out with studies of the value of protein rich, with other micronutrients and pro-biotic effects that increasing the amount of bugs in our diet would be beneficial.


Noted how JAMA functioned as a hit piece against President Trump, especially in the last months. 

Their number 2 man, "Jody" has done an article on how COVID deaths are undercounted. 

Seriously. The No. 2 Man at the JAMA wants to count deaths due to the misguided lockdowns that have caused so much economic and societal harm as "COVID Deaths" 

 If you would like to email Jody, so can do so here


And here is the Chief Editor of JAMA interviewing Anthony Fauci on March 6th, right before COVID event went into high gear.  It is curious how often they compare SARS-2 to HIV.

HB: Sensitivity, specificity of tests like this, Tony?

AF: You know, they're good, Howard.  They're standard PCR tests, and if you do a PCR test right, it's highly specific.  Obviously, there are confirmation tests that you'd want to do if you just get one, because there can be contaminations with PCR.  But they're very sensitive down to a few copies.  Very much like some of the tests that we have for HIV, we can get down to really a few copies.

HB: So, from a clinical standpoint, if you have a test and it's positive or negative, you can make a clinical decision based upon that test?

AF: If it's positive, Howard, you absolutely can make a decision.  If it's negative, you may be early on in the infection, and the viral load may be so low you don't get it.  But that's more of a concentration issue than it is a problem with the test.  So, a negative I feel comfortable with.  A positive I'd be positive about.

And talking about "the vaccine".  Says Fauci.   They later bypass all trials and go directly to mass distribution.









And Fauci, speaking of nursing homes, seems to be right on the money, however, the murderous Governors later came up with their, not misguided, but totally intentional methods to increase deaths.


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