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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Keep In Mind, The Goal Is Outrage. For What Purpose, I Am Not Sure, But Government With Even More Overreach Is Likely

They want outrage. 

Stealing the election is just part of the plan. 

LOL from mashable.... 

But, even more important to note, there is no official antifa organization, meaning there is no entity to even create an "official" antifa website. Antifa simply stands for “antifacist.”


  1. I doubt that the ever-nameless THEY actually <<>> outrage and its expressive CON-sequences. I do think that THEY wished to TEST the "outrage potential" of a true oppositional force. The so-called "opposition" -- alt-everything, you name it! -- has been cognitively infiltrated (recall Cass Sunstein and his acolytes), compromised and|or effectively CON-trolled (cf. the Black Panthers).

    The TEST -- likely on-going for some months -- simply gauges any left-over potential for ACTUAL and REAL opposition. I suggest to you that results of the test showed what's obvious: NONE.

    I would counsel active, diligent assessing of family and relatives, neighbors and like-minded folks, quietly (off the radar) communicating and gathering together for the long haul.

    1. Very few solid individuals around, even among family and friends. But that is excellent counsel.

      I think that everyone wanted "it" to be over on Jan 20th, but with the poorly executed fake Oval Office videos showing Biden signing blank sheets called EOs....obviously the show is not over


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