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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Lots of Video Footage Of The Fake Insurgency -- Presented by the Left, Be Forewarned

I have downloaded into computer also. ---------------------- The comments are hilarious.....I didn't realize that Jesus was a socialist...LOL 


awakeningspirit20 awakeningspirit20 2 hours ago It's a part of Trumpism and QAnon that no one really talks about but needs to be shone light on, as it's perhaps the core of it all. These losers have been cult-like for a long time, basically shutting down intellectual faiths and saying you can only basically believe in the literal words of the Bible and in obedient conservatism. 

They tell everyone on the left or anyone even remotely left-wing that they are worshipping Satan, which they see as the source of liberalism and change. They believe only conservatives can be Christian, never minding the socialism-lite teachings of Jesus and the literally communist commune that the Apostles set up in the aftermath of Pentecost. 

They're poisoning religion and now even spirituality and New Age beliefs with their Bible-banging fundamentalist garbage, and now you see that they're not much different than Al Qaeda in invoking God during their attacks. 

 This false belief that God's on their side is what spurs them on, when it's really adrenaline. 

It's why old people were reportedly scaling those Capitol walls; its the adrenaline and ecstasy of the sort these 'non-denominational' ultra-conservative churches tap into in their services. People just don't get as deep into it because of all the fuss about 'religious liberty' in this country, well what happens when a low IQ religious faction merges with and takes over one of the major political parties in the country and becomes a national security threat? 

My guess is that, with the next several years of domestic terror on the horizon, we're going to see much more reporting on this phenomenon and hopefully some kind of crackdown on uneducated religious fundamentalist factions- exactly what those people fear. It's been done before with precedent- Jonestown and Waco, but this is on a massive scale. I'm convinced that after Trump dies he will become a saint figure to QAnon which will fully transform into a literal religion that actually venerates Trump as a sort of 'Christian' prophet.

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