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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Marxist Hawaii -- 3 of 4 REspondents Think Trump Should Definitely Be Impeached

 Others think that Trump actually took Hawaii.   The signs and vehicle signs support that.

Lots of conservatives don't read liberal rags.

The comment below are interesting


What is truly amazing is so many are ready to impeach from all venues with no evidence other than an opinion. Based on nothing more than hatred. History has had those sort of people destroy common sense and whole countries. Since there is no trial and no evidence other than Democrats are are fearful Trump will run in 24. Very sad state of mind you are all in. Time to get a life. Trump is strongest when he has weak minds against him. All successful people do. Ask Pelosi. DC fears them both.
He was indited with Impeachment, there has been no trial. To call this Impeached means nothing at this point. This is no different than a DA charging a crime and never taking it to court.
Democrats think their so cute in trying to take down the best President since President Reagan. Wait until Communism bites in the rear 😳. When that happens, IT'S TO LATE. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
Best prez. since Nixon.
Worst president in the history of the US.

Besides, chump is putin's buddy. Communism comes from chump letting putin in.
Convict him!
Trump should also be tried for Treason!
Can the Senate Try a person that is no longer An Elected official. (do they have jurisdiction?) Lawyers are already discussing his fact. Interesting!
Too bad they won't find 17 repub senators that have the fortitude to convict. But we can only hope but the other repubs are too afraid of chump.
tRump has made an moral and ethical mess of this country and his miss deeds should be assessed so that we can all learn from what went wrong and not go through this disgusting exercise again ... any time soon.
Worst president EVER!
Obama too.
Impeachment was meant to be a mechanism to remove a sitting President. It was not meant to be used as a weapon to enforce a political vendetta against a President who is no longer in office.

When the demwits in the Senate removed the 60 vote requirement to confirm a Supreme Court nominee, to just a majority, they were warned that one day they will regret it. Well, they sure regretted it when Trump's nominees were approved by a simple majority. One day a democrat president will be impeached after he/she leaves office. The demwits will go berserk when that happens. They will have to be reminded again of what they did to Trump.
What a drama queenz.
words and actions have consequences....if not impeachment, criminal charges? no... impeachment is a proper vehicle and anyone that says (Giuliani and Dershowitz?) that it cannot be employed against Trump is missing the point... he has been impeached by the House and the question is whether he would be removed or censured by the Senate. Certainly, he can be censured
xbt is wrong about something, must be a day that ends in Y. It was Republicans who made it a simple majority to confirm a Supreme Court nominee.
Wrong. Another intellectual giant among us.
Did you even bother to go look up who changed the 60 vote requirement for a Supreme Court nominee to simple majority or is this another one of those Trumper things where you’re sure you’re right and facts don’t matter?
Versus xbt. Common chump supporter with low intelligence.
It’s not nitpicking, it’s sticking to the facts. Another fact is you stated I was wrong when in fact, I was correct.
Wrong again.
Ok, you were only half wrong. You were right about me being an intellectual giant.
Stoopid can be funnee at times. Crack me up!
And that stuff oozing out of the crack must be your brains - didn't realize you had any.
The USA needs to show Future Presidents/Wanna-be-Dictators that this type of behavior will NOT be tolerated. EVER. Make an example out of Trump. it'll heal more than it hurts.
Adolph Hitler was put on trial after his failed attempt to over through the German Government... He used the trial as a public form to speak directly to the people. The trial allowed him to speak out on the issues facing Germany at the time and convince the public of changes that needed to be made. Yes, he was found guilty and sent to prison... In prison he was a martyr ... loved and admired by the public... visited by prominent German businessmen and politicians. He wrote his biography which foretold of what he would do. The trial ( read impeachment ?) was Hitlers giant springboard to power. Remember...You people are the ones who keep calling Trump another Hitler.
yes... it could be a springboard for Nazi's ... but this is America.... it wont.
I can't believe so many Star-Advertiser readers believe Trump should not be convicted. What does that tell us about the intelligence or your readers, S-B? Very alarming, to say the least.
We can't all be intellectual giants like you frances. Please forgive us.
No. I DON'T forgive you, xbt, for the shame and death and horror that your boy Trump has brought to this country in the past 4+ years. You should be ashamed of yourself.
i guess i dumb too. But i don't think i blind like the rest of you.
I fail to see how trump made america great again, unless it was for white supremacy and the rich to get richer. He destroyed so much and failed to protect us in so many ways. The sad part is he brainwashed so many people and made people fear him so much that they would do unimaginable things for him. Modern day Hitler....
laki--How about ISIS defeated, Assad not gassing women and children, North Korea not lobbing ICBM's towards Hawaii, peace in Croatia, peace accord in Afghanistan, peace accords in the Middle East, NATO countries paying their fair share, and our military and veterans properly cared for. You may have forgotten new trade deals with Mexico, China, and Canada, undocumented people flooding our country greatly decreased, and yes, according to the NYT, 83% of all people got a tax break, 8% paid the same, and the wealthy paid more because they were unable to deduct all the tax breaks. Add significant increase in funds to black colleges, a prison reform bill that allowed thousands of poor black and hispanic mild offenders out of prison, and a program to retrain them. You forgot, before COVID, the highest employment of minorities in the history of the country. You fail to see because sir, you are UNINFORMED.
I see destruction to our people and that in itself is wrong. Why let people destroy each other in our own country?? All American lives should be valued. Why are hate groups destroying others and our cities? Not uninformed...just realistic. America isn't great and the world is laughing at us due to this loser of a president. I always see eyes rolling when he would speak and people just tried to tolerate his behavior, but it's so funny when his advisors have to tell him to retract his statements.
ISIS losing .. already happening with Obama and it isnt defeated. Is Trump claiming he stopped assad or N Korea.... really. Croatia and an accord in Afghanistan were already happening. NATO countries have not increased their shares. Military and veterans care for? really. a tax break on the backs of the middle class so that there is no middle class and Oh yeah.. Covid 19 - soon to exceed 400,000 deaths (near the total amount of American deaths in all of WWII). You gotta be kidding.
I hope that there is a trial. It will let the country hear what President Trump actually said on January 6 presented by his legal team rather than the version/interpretation presented by the media and Big Tech. It will allow the country to learn the identities and hear the stories of the fools who breached the Capitol. Who in fact were they? It will also provide an opportunity for the country to hear the evidence for election fraud, which was the basis for the Capitol Protest and which has never been presented in a cogent way. Unless John Roberts, the Cowardly Lion, does not allow it.
What happened when mobs took over the Michigan capitol some 10 years ago and occupied it for weeks. Nothing. Nancy Pelosi called it a "great demonstration of democracy in action". What did you call it?
The real plan is we set the bar so low for impeachment that Biden is removed because he thought the White House was in Delaware, Kam is found to be incompetent became she has to always ask where are we today and Pelosi is next in line to be President. Sneaky lady that Pelosi is. Very logical considering the current level of crime to be impeached under Democratic house rules and the media’s role in convincing the sheep to follow their world vision.
Funny. The ice cream lady could also be impeached for having her hair done when salons were closed and also not wearing a mask.
A waste of time and money for the past four years. Just like Bootsie the paid troll
The swamp is going to be drained very soon, martial law is coming ..
Yes, the democrats already have 20,000 heavily armed troops occupying all the buildings in Washington DC. At noon when Joe Biden is sworn in, VP Harris, I mean President Biden will declare Martial Law.
President Trump should wear the second impeachment as a badge of honor. He fought the swamp for over 4 years and won (and the swamp hates him for it). He accomplished more than any of the past 4 Presidents did combined. Well done President Trump. Well done. Most of us will miss you and look forward to your continued work to Make America Great Again.
Might as well wear it with pride. He has nothing else. Hopefully he will be on his way to jail. Lock him up!
He made the swamp wake up.
Only in your little world would being impeached twice be an honor.
Walking and running are good exercises for maintaining regular bowel movements. This is one theory on why there is a decreased incidence of colon cancer among those who walk and run
25,000+ lies from the liar in chief. Full warp speed ahead to remove the greatest DOTARD in history.
The best President ever supported by over 75 million Patriots. Corruption 2021 here we go.
There were a lot of presidents that were infinitely better. Let's start with Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and Teddy Roosevelt.
So what sarge 222, the 81 million voters are NOT patriots? Gimme a break. You have been brain-washed, and I am sad for you.
Impeachment is the newest fad. It will be de rigueur in the future whenever the House and President are from different parties. The Republicans' turn is coming soon.
This was not the way it was supposed to be according to the Founders. The Founders were naive and forgot that "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men..."
May be true but why are republivans so bad. The Donald, GW Bush, Reagan, all floded the country with red ink.
More proof of corruption by the fake republicans. They love the fact that close to 400,000 Americans have died and our budget deficit is at 4 trillion, soon to be at 5 trillion. This is the best republicans can offer? Hate to see the worst.
What was that deficit from Boots? Covid, and the stimuli to keep the economy afloat. How hard is that to understand?

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