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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Mutated COVID is (more) Psy-op Aimed to Increase Fear and Anxiety

sent to me by Lot's Wife -- Looking out over the carnage intentionally inflicted on America

but methinks Mercola gets it part wrong....the shut downs were not a "bad decision", they were very intentional.

And one last thing.....this was not even a Pandemic.   Stop calling it such.   I use the "COVID Event"


Many insiders claim Covid-19 is a low-grade bioweapon; one primarily designed to alter normal routines. It is not a killer pandemic (the CDC/MSM has vastly inflated mortalities). A large-scale study now reveals no asymptomatic transmission. The entire multi-trillion dollar ‘medical emergency’ was driven by fear porn intended to enrich big pharma while at the same time derailing Trump’s re-election. It was a psy-op designed to kill two birds with one stone. A bold and audacious plan but it appears on the verge of ruin and may lead to charges of treason and sedition. Some well-placed former Marine Corps officers are calling for military tribunals and public executions.

Lockdowns Are Not the Answer

By Joe Mercola

“...Shutting down the world over a respiratory virus will perhaps go down in history as the most destructive and irrational decision ever made by public health “experts,” the World Health Organization and its technocratic allies.

I’ve written other articles about its effects — which aside from the transfer of wealth from the working class to the global elites, include a rise in food insecurity, mental health problems, excess deaths unrelated to COVID-19, domestic violence, child abuse, sex abuse and suicide — so I won’t belabor that here. What’s become clear is that lockdowns are a cure far worse than the disease."

It was a Fear-driven Buffalo Jump

Covid-19 does not spread asymptomatically

How many weeks or months will pass before this receives MSM attention, if at all? The whole shit-bag smells of psy-op. Why do so many intelligent people miss it? Is it lack of imagination? Need to conform and obey? Willful ignorance? Too much trust in MSM? Profits?

What does this mean to the vaccination program? For those with an eye on the future, available evidence suggests the vax may cause more problems than the ‘disease’. For the mass of the population, they’re confronted by the truism: “It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled."


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  1. "Aimed to Increase Fear and Anxiety"
    Hello my dear friend Stock rightwiththeship here, yeah its been awhile but had to come up for air when I saw this! God's speed my dear friend.

    Camps for Covid, manufactured by New York State Senate today!

    1. Oh wow, glad you still out there. Miss your posts, havent seen one in a while.

    2. If I write again it will be at WordPress, my personal battle went on for 18 yrs. I put myself in the rear, oh please don't let these shakes go on.

      I'm at peace and only a soldier of a different war. To be successful you can't be vulnerable and can not be calculated. You have always done extremely good work Stock, it fells good to be here and thanks for that.

      From this post I was nearing the end, all that is left, I'm still standing.


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