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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Of Course The "Siege" On Washington Was A Stunt, Coordinated With DC Police. The "Viking" Was At Previous BLM Rallies

Said Viking also posed with some famous Democrat, did anyone catch who that was? 

The idea that these were "Trump Supporters" was ludicrous.

FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED: "Viking" who stormed the Capitol Building previously photographed at BLM rally wearing the same outfit




  1. Also a joint session is never closed to the public. It is a rare thing and is usually packed with spectators.
    It is shown at the beginning of this clip .
    It is very shady for them to bar the public from the chamber.
    And DC police do a big job on protecting official buildings during protests. They don't just go AWOL. If anything they go overboard.
    And another thing that really bugs me.
    I was at many demonstrations in 2004 protesting Bush Jr. during the RNC. NYPD introduced the idea of "ketteling" and outdoor confinement. They barred the right to assemble by running around a crowd assembling with a giant roll of snow fencing. Anyone 'inside' the fencing was arrested if they tried to wiggle out of the insta-fence. It was a holding scheme (not a mass arrest) to prevent public assembly or marching. They also opposed crowds with weapons and shields forcing them into small areas where they would bring up barricades creating an outdoor cattle pen. Again, anyone protesting outside their pen was arrested.
    So given these now adopted tactics .... when the capitol was "invaded" the police would easily have just surrounded the building and would arrest everyone inside and not allow any of them to leave. The building itself would serve as a pen.
    They bring up buses in cases of mass arrests and use the busses as temporary jails. This a thing they know how to do very well.

    What happened at the capitol building was all staged... A to Z!

    1. Yep, and not sure if you saw the picture of the pretty Cutey female Airforce Vet that was reportedly killed....

      My epiphany while installing a solar system....whether she was killed or not is unknown, but the killing of a pretty cute female vet, is a clear effort to divide the military against Trump. Ill say it first

  2. So many conspiracies!!!
    "..whether she was killed or not is unknown" surprise to your spidy senses SHE'S DEAD.

    "Cutey female Airforce Vet" a pretty cute female vet," Your a pervert. How do you know she wasn't armed??

    Who staged this act of insurrection? 34,000 assholes staged this act of sedition that's who, at the behest of trump.

    1. Super low information. A lefty who works for me wasn't even aware of the name George Soros, yet he loves to parrot every new narrative of the left. Low information.

      LOL thinking that a female is cute makes one a pervert? Explain how that can be. They murdered her (if they actually did) because she was cute and because she was a vet. By a black cop. To make the military mad at Trump (or try to with this FF) and to create outrage everywhere.


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